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2014 - SIGNS OF COMPETITIVENESS IN THE AMERICAS  /  Message from Guatemala as RIAC Chair Pro Tempore 2015

Message from Guatemala as RIAC Chair Pro Tempore 2015

Message from Guatemala as  RIAC Chair Pro Tempore 2015

Dear colleagues of the Americas,

This year, Guatemala, located in the heart of the Americas, has the honour of receiving the Chair Pro Tempore of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network for the term 2014-2015. We are aware of the achievements reached thus far by the member countries of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC), the result of constant efforts among the members and an ample debate in the exchange of ideas and lessons.

It is in this context that we must recognise the Organization of American States (OAS) and its ongoing work of improving the competitiveness of our region’s, work through which it has successfully maintained the network that year after year generates a flood of learning for all who belong to it. It is thanks to this collaborative work that the region today is not only aware of the challenges we must overcome, but also of the achievements we have yet to reach, thus creating a more productive region through a competitiveness agenda and the efforts derived from it.

We wish to express our congratulations to Trinidad and Tobago for the excellent work conducted during its term as Chair Pro Tempore of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network for the period 2013-2014, and as host of the 2014 Americas Competitiveness Forum, tasks for which it leaves a high standard for Guatemala.

As a country, we reaffirm our commitment to continue the work undertaken by Trinidad and Tobago. Furthermore, we would like to motivate all countries that make up this block rich in culture, tradition and values to share experiences that increase our productivity and the richness of our continent and allow us to continue to discover a road of constant growth for every one of our members. It will be in this way, as we support each other, that we will continue to become a block of cooperation for competitive development.

Our region has ample potential, and it is within this potential that we must recognise the important role played by institutions that are the reflection of norms established in every one of our societies, and that give us a system to facilitate competitiveness as countries and as a region. That is why we are certain that facilitating spaces to strengthen dialogue around our institutions will allow us to find common ways to improve competitiveness starting from a base of strong institutions and the trust of our peoples in all of them.

It is in this context that I take this opportunity to invite you to accompany us next year at the IX Americas Competitiveness Forum in Guatemala. The IX Forum will have as its main objective a dialogue that promotes actions towards strengthening and increasing the trust of our people towards our institutions.
Our Guatemala, a country full of culture, a millennial tradition and diversity awaits you.

We know you will enjoy our country!

Juan Carlos Paiz
Presidential Commissioner for Competitiveness and Investment
Office of the President of the Republic
Guatemala, Guatemala