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2013 - SIGNS OF COMPETITIVENESS IN THE AMERICAS  /  Message from the RIAC Technical Secretariat

Message from the RIAC Technical Secretariat

Message from the RIAC Technical Secretariat
In a region that aspires to continue on the path of economic and social progress for its citizens, there is an abundance of knowledge and experiences that countries can share to collectively boost and enrich their efforts.

The Signs of Competitiveness in the Americas Report contributes, in its second edition, to present a regional vision of the landscape of infrastructure and its challenges towards the future, in addition to collecting more than sixty initiatives aimed at creating more innovative, competitive and prosperous States, in the framework of the ten General Competitiveness Principles of the Americas.

The wealth of this Report is not as a compilation of case profiles between two covers but rather in the transformative power of an instrument that can be used through joint hard work to achieve the cooperation proposals and requests included in the experiences of this Report. No matter the size of the economy, all our countries have lessons to share and space to learn and improve.

As RIAC Technical Secretariat, I express our great commitment to continue to support the exchange of knowledge and experiences among countries. I am convinced that if we move forward together we can participate under improved conditions in a global economy that is ever more competitive, and we will be better equipped to face future challenges.

My most sincere congratulations to the Republic of Panama for its leadership this year as Chair Pro Tempore of the RIAC and for making possible the preparation of this Second Report on the Signs of Competitiveness in the Americas 2013 with the collaboration of OAS Member Statesand the institutions that support the work of the RIAC (Development Bank of Latin America, CAF; Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC; Inter-American Development Bank, IDB; Central American Bank for Economic Integration, CABEI; Compete Caribbean Program; Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC), TEC de Monterrey, and CIFAL Atlanta).

And special appreciation also to Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development for supporting the ongoing work of the RIAC.

José Miguel Insulza
Secretary General
Organization of American States